Our Mission

When we created The Myo Company, we were guided by the golden rule of recovery: consistency. We knew that designing the perfect therapeutic devices required a delicate balance of power, prowess, and portability—so that our community could find consistent recovery and relief when and where they needed it most. We took our expertise in physical science and healing and partnered with the world’s leading designers and manufacturers to create the perfect massage device for everyday use. Myo Rx—our flagship product—is a state-of-the-art handheld muscle treatment device that uses rapid, repetitive movement to optimize, recover, and sustain muscular functionality by enhancing the body’s natural healing processes. The best of both worlds: powerful enough to provide immediate relief and discreet enough for on-the-go daily use. This is muscle recovery at its finest.

A Word From Our Founder

Being a healer is something I always knew I wanted to do, even as a kid. I’ve always had an interest in the well being of others. If my mother had a headache I wanted to fix it, if I heard someone say that their feet hurt, I had a natural inclination to rub them. Building a life in physical healing wasn’t a choice, it was a calling. Owning and operating two practices in Southern California has given me the opportunity to heal people from all over the world. But, working in this industry for as long as I have, I can tell you first hand that not everyone has the ability, access, or quite frankly the time to begin their journey to a healthier life. I created The Myo Company to fill this void. To provide people everywhere with the opportunity to find relief and recovery when and where they need it most. Our  innovative therapeutic products are designed for on-the-go, everyday use, regardless of age or ability. They are backed by science, rooted in decades of research and development, and accessible to the masses by using advanced technology designed by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. At The Myo Company, we will never deliver anything below the standards we have set for ourselves and this industry. Every product is tested under extreme conditions and personally used everyday on my clients and thousands of people across the world. Thanks to technology like this, our power to heal is now in your palm. Start healing.

Recover with us

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